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This is how we got .

Duke City Dream Lab started as a dream.
Rusty Rutherford and Van Overton, the principal visionaries for the project, saw a world where Albuquerque youth were empowered with the tools and the skills needed to make their dreams come true. In their vision, professionals from across the Albuquerque landscape would come and join this community of mutual learning to help to make Albuquerque a stronger, safer and more friendly community.

Rusty and Van not only wanted to give Albuquerque youth hope for their future, but they also wanted to encourage and to inspire them to reach higher, further and with even more passion for their communities. It’s their hope that kids will adopt their own individual visions to help to make the community a better place through their own art and creativity.

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About Rusty Rutherford

“I mean, h-h-h-how could someone like me, a skinny cracka from the northeast heights — possibly relate to some of Burque’s roughest gangstas?”Rusty Rutherford, TEDxABQ 2014

Rusty shared his background and his vision for Duke City Dream Lab in a recent TEDxABQ talk.

You can learn more about him here at this link:

Learn More About Rusty

About Van Overton

“Being present will ALWAYS trump giving presents.”Van Overton, TEDxABQED 2015

Van shared his background and his vision for fathers and their important roles as parents to their children in a talk given at a recent TEDxABQ Education event.

You can learn more about him here at this link:

Learn More About Van

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